Reinstalling or Installing Respondus to a Second Computer

If you previously purchased a single-user license of Respondus and would like to obtain a second activation password according to the terms and conditions for reinstallation, submit the information requested in the form below.

Important notes:

  • The request form below is only for individuals who have previously purchased Respondus. If you have not already purchased a license, you can register for a free, 30-day trial.)
  • You will need to know the original Product ID number for your previously purchased copy of Respondus (how to determine this).
  • Second activation passwords for Respondus can typically be obtained for only the same product and version as the original purchase. (For example, you can’t use a Product ID# from Respondus 2 to obtain a new activation password for Respondus 4. Nor can you use a Product ID# from StudyMate to obtain a new activation password for Respondus.) An exception is that Respondus 3.5 users can reinstall a copy of Respondus 4 using the Respondus 3.5 product ID#.
  • If the automated system below indicates that your original Product ID is not in the database, or that you have exceeded your reinstallation requests, we will confirm the original purchase and e-mail the new Activation Password within 3 business days.

All fields are required.  Use a valid e-mail address to receive your password.  No provided information is resold to third parties. Read our Privacy Policy.