Download Respondus 4.0

The process for purchasing a single-user license of Respondus or obtaining a 30-day free trial is nearly the same. In both cases, you must first download and install the software. Then you need to either purchase a permanent activation password or register for a temporary, 30-day password.

Institutions with a Campus-wide license of Respondus should contact their license administrator for download information.

Note to students: this is not Respondus LockDown Browser and is not a student application used for taking online exams. Contact your instructor to obtain the correct download link for LockDown Browser.

Important Instructions:

There are 5 steps to downloading and installing Respondus 4.0.

  1. Download the installation program. (*Note: Respondus runs on Windows, so you must be on a Windows machine to download.*)
  2. Install Respondus. Locate the Respondus4.exe file downloaded in Step 1. Double-click the file to start the Respondus installation program. Several screens will guide you through the installation program. Once Respondus is installed, start the program by double-clicking the Respondus icon that is now located on the Windows desktop. Or follow these steps to start the software.→  Click [Start] from the Windows desktop
    →  Click [Programs]
    →  Click [Respondus]
    →  Click [Respondus]
  3. The first time you start Respondus (and each time thereafter until the program is registered), you will be presented with a screen that provides the "Product ID#." The Product ID# is used in Step 3 to obtain the password required to activate the software.
  4. Purchase a permanent activation password or register for a free 30-day trial. The appropriate password is immediately e-mailed to you.
  5. Enter the password in the Respondus software to activate the program. That's it!

(Moodle users click here for the required server module.)