Respondus Upgrade Policy

The Bottom Line

Single-user purchasers of Respondus 4.0 can obtain “minor version” updates at no charge. “Major version” updates require the purchase of a new activation password. No upgrade discount is given to previous purchasers of single-user licenses of Respondus. (Institutions with a campus-wide version of Respondus receive all updates as part of their annual subscription fee.)

Our Philosophy and History of Upgrades

About every two years, we provide a major version update to our Respondus software.  Several times a year, we provide minor version updates that can be downloaded within the Respondus program by going to Help > Check for Update.

Frequent updates are necessary because the learning platforms we support are constantly changing. In addition, we like to provide our customers with new features as they become available, rather than hold them for a major release that might not occur for a year or longer.

Pricing of Upgrades

Institutions with a campus-wide license of Respondus receive all updates as part of their annual subscription fee. This is how the majority of our customers license the Respondus software.

Purchasers of single-user licenses don’t have to pay an annual subscription fee, but they do have to pay full price for major version upgrades. We feel this results in the least level of hassle for customers (licenses don’t have to be renewed annually; the software doesn’t suddenly stop working) and offers a good value. Indeed, Respondus is one of the least expensive authoring tools for elearning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by "major version updates" and "minor version updates"?

A "major version" update is indicated by a change in the number to the left of the decimal (eg. Version 2.0 to Version 3.0). A "minor version" update is indicated when only the numbers to the right of the decimal change (eg. Version 2.0 to 2.1).

Can I purchase an activation password for an older version of Respondus?

No. It’s only possible to purchase an activation password for the current version of Respondus.