How to Determine the Product ID# for Respondus or older versions of StudyMate

  • Product ID numbers are only provided with single-user versions of Respondus or StudyMate.
  • For a newly installed copy of Respondus or StudyMate, the Product ID# will display when the software is started -- and each time thereafter until the software is permanently activated.
  • To locate the original Product ID# for a single-user copy of Respondus or StudyMate that has been previously activated, go to Help > About Respondus.
  • A Product ID number can be used to determine the product and its version number:

    - Respondus 3.x and 4.x - 10 numbers+RESP3, such as “9876543210RESP3”
    - Respondus 2.x - 10 numbers+A, such as “9876543210A”
    - Respondus 1.x - 10 numbers, such as “9876543210”
    - StudyMate 1.x - 10 numbers+K, such as “9876543210K”
    - Respondus LE - 10 numbers+L, such as “9876543210L”