LockDown Browser® is a custom browser that locks down assessments in Canvas, Schoology and other learning systems. Used at thousands of schools, LockDown Browser is the easiest way for teachers to maintain the integrity of online tests.

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    Locks down the Exam Environment

    LockDown Browser prevents students from searching the internet and accessing other applications during online exams. Hundreds of methods of cheating are blocked, such as the use of Virtual Machines, remote desktops, screen sharing, instant messaging, screen recording, and much more.

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    Integrates Seamlessly with your LMS

    LockDown Browser integrates seamlessly with learning systems like Canvas, Schoology, Moodle, Blackboard and Brightspace. Students access exams within their learning system as they normally would. Instructors do everything within the learning system too.

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    Easy Setup and Use

    The settings for LockDown Browser can be enabled by a teacher in seconds. The application starts automatically for students when the online exam is selected. LockDown Browser supports both BYOD and managed devices.

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    Supports most Devices Title Icon

    LockDown Browser isn't just a browser plugin. It provides native support for Windows, Mac, Chromebook and iPad devices – each addressing the unique challenges of that environment.

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    Privacy First

    LockDown Browser respects the privacy of students and provides the least invasive method of ensuring exam integrity. Students don’t create a Respondus account, and data isn’t sent to a Respondus server during exam sessions. More details

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    Unlimited-Use Licensing

    There are many reasons LockDown Browser is one of the top-rated tools for Canvas, Schoology and other learning systems. Our pricing is transparent and the license provides unlimited use at your school.

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Instructor Live Proctoring

LockDown Browser works with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and other video conferencing systems. LockDown Browser locks down the computer, while instructors watch students by video conference. This makes it easy for teachers to watch students during remote, online testing. Learn More

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Bundled with StudyMate Campus

LockDown Browser and StudyMate Campus are bundled as a "Buy One, Get One Free" purchase for K-12 schools. StudyMate Campus makes it easy for teachers and students to create flash cards, self-assessments, and learning games – all from within your learning management system. Learn More

LockDown Browser and your Learning System

A free, 2-month trial of LockDown Browser is available to schools that use Canvas, Schoology, Moodle, Blackboard Learn, or Brightspace. This is the best way for a school or district to try all features and functionality with their learning management system.

LockDown Browser by the Numbers…

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