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Respondus Monitor® builds upon the power of LockDown Browser, using a student’s webcam and industry-leading video analytics to prevent cheating during non-proctored exams. You won’t find a more cost-effective, student-friendly system for online proctoring.

A fully automated solution that uses a student's webcam to record and analyze student exam sessions

Fully-automated Proctoring

Respondus Monitor is a fully automated proctoring solution that enables students to take online exams at any time of the day or night, without pre-scheduling.

Students use a webcam to record themselves during an exam. A "startup sequence" guides them through requirements selected by the instructor, such as showing identification or making a short video of the exam environment. Only the instructor can review video recordings and the results of the proctoring session.

Powerful analytics are used to detect suspicious behaviors during an exam session. Video segments with potential exam violations are flagged for the instructor, with an overall risk level assigned to the exam session.

The most advanced computer vision and analytics system for automated proctoring

The Most Powerful Automated Proctoring System

At the heart of Respondus Monitor is a powerful engine that performs a second-by-second analysis of the exam session. The first layer is comprised of computer vision technology that uses facial detection, motion, and lighting to analyze the student and examination environment. The next layer uses data from the computing device (keyboard activity, mouse movements, hardware changes, etc.) to identify patterns and anomalies associated with cheating. Finally, the student's interaction with the exam instrument itself is woven into the analysis, including question-by-question comparisons with other students who took the same exam. In all, Respondus Monitor analyzes dozens of factors, such as whether multiple faces appear within the video frame, or if the person who started the exam switches to a different person along the way. The data then flows into the "Review Priority" system to help instructors quickly evaluate the proctoring results.

Review Priority ranks results by risk, helping instructors know which sessions warrant deeper scrutiny

"Review Priority" Ranks the Results

Review PriorityTM is a patent-pending method for ranking proctoring results according to the risk that exam violations have occurred. In short, it provides instructors with simple, meaningful results that help them know whether an exam session warrants deeper scrutiny. If wanted, instructors can view the data contributing to the Review Priority result on a video timeline, such as flagged events and key milestones. Review Priority is elegant, functional, powerful.

How Respondus Monitor Works

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    Builds upon LockDown Browser

    overLockDown Browser is the "gold standard" for locking down a student's computer or iPad during an online exam. That's why over 2,000 universities rely on it to prevent cheating on 100 million exams each year. Respondus Monitor builds upon the LockDown Browser technology to ensure the computing device isn't used to cheat during a non-proctored exam.

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    Integrates Seamlessly with LMSs & Publisher Systems

    Respondus Monitor integrates seamlessly with Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Brightspace, and Schoology. Students access exams within the LMS as they normally would. Instructors do everything within the LMS too, including the post-exam review of proctoring results. Respondus Monitor also integrates with publisher systems such as McGraw Hill ALEKS and Pearson MyLab.

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    "Auto-Launches" from any Browser 

    After a quick one-time installation, Respondus Monitor will auto-launch from the student's browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge) whenever the exam settings require it. Students are then guided through a pre-exam sequence, including a webcam check. Students love the auto-launch capability, which is now available for most learning systems.

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    No Scheduling or Registration

    Exams can be taken with Respondus Monitor without advanced scheduling and without additional registration by the student.

Three Licensing Options, No Per-exam Fees

The first year of a license is $3950, regardless of the size of the institution.
After the first year, institutions have three, flexible licensing options: Tiered, Unlimited, or Student Purchase.

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    Security & Privacy. We take them seriously. 

    Security and privacy start with great architecture. But it takes a dedicated and obsessed team to ensure it gets done right…And while the acronyms might seem a little overwhelming at times (FERPA, GDPR, CCPA, HECVAT, SOC 2, LTI, etc.), rest assured that we've got it covered. More on data privacy (PDF)

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    #1 for Automated Proctoring

    Over 1,500 higher education institutions are using Respondus Monitor for their online proctoring service. And more than 40 million exams will be proctored with Respondus Monitor this year, far more than any other proctoring service in higher education.

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    Live Chat for Students

    Students have access to our friendly, 24/7 live chat support service. They don't even have to leave the Respondus Monitor application to use it. Real-time answers, from real people.

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    5-Star Support Team

    Users of Respondus Monitor encounter fewer technical issues than any online proctoring solution in higher education (less than 1 support ticket per 10,000 exam sessions). But if advanced troubleshooting is needed, you'll have access to a highly knowledgeable, 5-star support team that's known for keeping our 1,500+ university customers humming right along.

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