Respondus 4.0 - Updates

The Respondus patch is only intended for those who already installed Respondus 4.0 (to upgrade from Respondus 3.5 download the full install of Respondus 4.0). You do not have to apply earlier patches before applying the Respondus patch.

In addition, all patches are immediately incorporated into the full installation programs that are available from this website, so it's not necessary to apply a patch if you have downloaded and installed the latest installation program from this website.

A detailed list of the issues related to this patch appears at the bottom of this page.

The quickest and easiest way to download and apply the patch is to start Respondus 4.0, go to the "Help" menu, select "Check for Update," and then click "Get Update."

If you prefer, though, you may also download the appropriate version of the patch from the links below. Once the patch is downloaded, double-click the file to run a short unzip process that replaces the original Respond.exe file.

The Respondus patch includes these features:


Blackboard Personality

  • Improvements to the course list display

Canvas Personality

  • Added support for scoped dev keys

D2L Personality

  • General improvements
Previous Patches

The patch also includes all fixes and enhancements from previous Respondus 4.0 patches, including the following:

All Learning Management System "Personalities"

  • Improvements to text justification
  • Fixed an issue where no answer was marked correct for True/False imported from text file
  • General improvements and bug fixes
  • Improvements to browser authentication
  • Improvements to the software update process
  • Updated Spanish translations
  • User interface improvements
  • Updated user interface design
  • Enhancements to support for future licensing changes
  • Terms of Service update
  • Improved support for importing MSWord documents
  • Added support for future licensing changes
  • Fixed an issue with using the tab key in the Exam Wizard
  • Fixed a problem with editing the Header and Footer in an exported Microsoft Word document
  • Remove LockDown Browser Setting Dialog
  • Improved support for large question counts
  • Fix for security error during update in Windows 10
  • Updated SSL support for certain types of connections with Canvas, Brightspace, and Pearson Learning Studio
  • Client installs of Respondus 4 will now renew automatically each year if Preconfigured Server Settings are enabled in the administrator area of (only available for campus-wide licensing)

Blackboard Learn Personality

  • Fixed a problem with retrieving the course list
  • Fixed a problem with importing Numeric questions
  • Added support for the latest Blackboard Learn SaaS update
  • Fixed an authentication problem related to the Blackboard Learn SaaS version header format
  • Fixed an issue with Blackboard Jumbled Sentence question type
  • Fixed an authentication problem with the latest Blackboard Learn Ultra release
  • Added publishing support for additional language packs
  • Fixed an issue retrieving questions
  • Fixed an authentication problem with the latest Blackboard Learn SaaS release
  • Fixed an authentication problem with Blackboard Ultra
  • Fixed an issue with the latest Blackboard Learn SaaS release
  • Added publishing support for additional language packs
  • Fixed a login failure for some Blackboard Learn SaaS clients
  • Fixed an issue associated with converting Matching questions to other personalities
  • Support for Blackboard Learn 9.1 Q4 2016
  • Support for Blackboard SaaS
  • Fixes for retrieving/printing equation images created in WIRIS editor

Canvas Personality

  • Fixed a problem that was causing a browser checker warning
  • Fixed an issue where Search was broken when Correct/Incorrect feedback fields were both blank
  • Fixed a problem associated with Canvas servers that require OAuth authentication
  • Fixed a problem with expired access tokens
  • Added Server Name Indication (SNI) support
  • Updated the SSO client API usage required by Canvas
  • Updated the SSO client credentials required by Canvas
  • Fixes for browser-based authentication
  • Fix for minimum requirements warning when using browser-based Single-Sign-On authentication
  • Support for batch publishing (only available for campus-wide licensing)

D2L Brightspace Personality

  • Added Server Name Indication (SNI) support
  • Updated importing instructions

Moodle Personality

  • Fixed an issue where batch publishing would fail when a duplicate assessment name existed
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused duplicate random block names
  • Fix to display correct respondusws server module version in Publish status window
  • Moodle server downloads