Respondus 4.0 - Reinstallation Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Obtaining a Second Activation Password for Respondus 4.0

  • Each single-user installation of Respondus has a unique "Product ID" number. The activation passwords that are purchased from us only work with that specific Product ID number.
  • Individuals who previously purchased a single-user activation password for Respondus can request a second activation password for a reinstallation of the same software product and version, provided that the reason for reinstallation is legitimate.
  • Legitimate reasons for requesting a second activation password for reinstalling Respondus include: switching to a new computer, reinstalling Windows, and replacing a hard drive. We also permit individuals who have a “work” and “home” computer to install the software to both computers, provided that it is impossible for both versions of the software to run simultaneously.
  • Single-user versions of Respondus are NOT permitted to be installed on a file server, even if the server restricts the number of simultaneous users that access the software. For complete licensing restrictions, please refer to the license agreement that accompanies the Respondus 4.0 software.
  • You must know the Product ID# from the original software purchase in order to request a new activation password. Sorry, we cannot provide a second activation password if you don’t know your original Product ID#.
  • Second activation passwords can only be obtained for the same product and the same version as the original purchase. For example, if the original purchase was for “StudyMate” you will be unable to request a second activation password for “Respondus.” Similarly, if the original purchase was for Respondus 3.0, you will not be able to obtain a second activation password for Respondus 4.0. However, we do NOT differentiate between minor version numbers, so if the original purchase was for Respondus 3.0, you can request a new activation password for Respondus 3.1, Respondus 3.5, etc.