Additional Privacy Information - LockDown Browser

Your privacy is important to Respondus. Our Privacy Policy explains how we gather and process your personal information. The information below provides additional detail about how personal information is gathered and processed when using LockDown Browser.

LockDown Browser is a client-based application that "locks down" a computer or device during an online exam delivered on a third-party assessment platform, such as a Learning Management System (LMS).

The Terms of Use for LockDown Browser must be agreed to by users prior to installing the application.

The LockDown Browser client application interacts with third-party assessment platforms using a software development kit (SDK) provided by Respondus, Inc., or via an application programming interface (API) made available by the third-party assessment platform.

LockDown Browser doesn't require users (e.g. instructors, students) to create an account, and in most situations, personal information isn't gathered or processed by Respondus.

However, there are two cases where LockDown Browser may process personal information. The first is if the user chooses to use "Help Center" to troubleshoot a technical issue with LockDown Browser, such as internet connectivity. For details on this, see Additional Privacy Information for Help Center.

A second situation where LockDown Browser may process personal information is when the "early exit" feature is used by a student to terminate an assessment before it is completed. The student is prompted to give a reason for terminating the session early, which is then available to the instructor for review. Respondus stores the username (obtained via an API from the LMS) and the reason provided by the user for early termination. Respondus makes no other use of this personal information. The legal ground for processing this data is based on Respondus' legitimate need to perform the requirements of the contract.

The data in both of the above situations is subject to a data retention period determined by the institution, not to exceed the default period of 5 years.

LockDown Browser can be used in conjunction with Respondus Monitor, which processes personal information. See Additional Privacy Information for Respondus Monitor.

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about our Privacy Policy, our practices, or our Services, you may contact us by email at [email protected]. Our Privacy Policy provides additional ways that you may contact us.