New Features Rollup for Respondus Monitor

Are you keeping up with the latest enhancements for Respondus Monitor? Take a few minutes to learn about sensitivity levels, increased precision with flagging, faster proctoring results, real-time warnings for bad lighting and camera positioning, greater support for low bandwidth settings, and much more.

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Sensitivity Levels in Respondus Monitor

Controlling your sensitivities is a good thing. The flagging system in Respondus Monitor now supports three sensitivity levels: Strict, Standard, and Relaxed[Read More]

Why We Do Our Own Machine Learning

Respondus Monitor’s computer vision system differs from other proctoring companies in that it doesn’t use off-the-shelf machine learning models that were trained with generic data sets … [Read More]

Enhanced Flagging for Respondus Monitor

A proctoring system that flags too much is like the boy who cries wolf: after a while, you start to ignore the warnings. That’s why a key goal for Respondus Monitor is to reduce false positive flags … [Read More]

Respondus Monitor Paves the Way

When driving along a road, have you ever encountered a freshly paved section? That’s what the latest release of Respondus Monitor feels like … [Read More]

Faster Proctoring Results for Respondus Monitor

The average time for Respondus Monitor proctoring results to become available to instructors is now less than 10 minutes. That’s a reduction of about four hours from before … [Read More]