Faster Proctoring Results for Respondus Monitor

The average time for Respondus Monitor proctoring results to become available to instructors is now less than 10 minutes. That’s a reduction of about four hours from before. This was made possible by adding real-time analysis to Respondus Monitor sessions.

Previously, the proctoring video and data was analyzed after an assessment ended. This method still gets used, but only when a technical issue is detected during the exam session.

For example, if internet bandwidth or computer speed drops significantly during an online exam, Respondus Monitor will turn off the real-time analysis so more resources are available for the online exam itself. The proctoring analysis will then occur after the exam is complete.

The underlying algorithms are the same for both analysis systems, which means the results are consistent across all test takers. Two pathways, one solution.


If you have a general question about Respondus Monitor proctoring results, send an email to a Respondus Trainer. For technical questions or feedback, open a ticket with Respondus Support.

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