Respondus Monitor Paves the Way

When driving along a road, have you ever experienced that feeling when you encounter a freshly paved section, and everything becomes serene and smooth? That’s what the latest release of the Respondus Monitor proctoring system feels like to instructors. Three enhancements are responsible for this smile-inducing upgrade.

Higher Resolution Videos

The proctoring videos for Respondus Monitor are now available in higher resolution. That means videos are clearer, brighter and more detailed for the instructor. It also means proctoring analysis of a video is more accurate because it’s working with better video data. Best of all, this improvement doesn’t come with increased bandwidth or computer requirements for the student.

Fewer Video Interruptions

Respondus Monitor uses a new method to upload video that reduces the number of “video interruption” warnings in proctoring results. When a brief internet interruption or slowdown occurs during an exam, video segments are stored locally on the student’s computer. When the internet connection resumes, the videos are uploaded and “stitched together” for seamless playback.

Tighter Synchronization of Videos and Data

Significant work has gone into aligning the student videos and proctoring data so everything viewed by the instructor is tightly synchronized. This includes the webcam video, the screen recording video, flagged events, in-exam warnings, exam milestones (eg. when questions were answered), and more.

Higher resolutions, fewer video interruptions, and better synchronization. Enjoy the ride.

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