Best Time to Pilot LockDown Browser

In another article, we outlined steps for implementing a successful pilot of LockDown Browser. It’s worth a review if you’re planning to pilot the software.

Here, we answer five common questions about the pilot process for LockDown Browser.

1) Is there a limit to how many people can participate in the pilot?
No, there isn’t a limit. But rather than throw the software out to the masses, we recommend identifying 3-5 instructors who will try it with their classes and provide feedback.

2) When is the best time to run a pilot of LockDown Browser?
Each institution has different needs and processes, but we generally recommend two things. First, try to run the pilot during the term so it can be used with real classes and students. Second, wait until you’ve identified which instructors will be participating in the 2-month pilot. This way you don’t waste time trying to line up people during the pilot.

3) How do end users get access to the application?
The first step is to add the integration component (Blackboard Building Block, Moodle Block, Canvas LTI, Brightspace LTI, etc.) to the learning system; this is explained in detail in the administrator’s guide. Once installed, the exam settings for LockDown Browser will be available to instructors. For the client application, each institution has a unique download link for installing either the Windows or Mac version.

4) What do you recommend for training?
Instructors require very little training because it’s mostly a matter of turning on the setting for LockDown Browser when an exam requires it. Most institutions point instructors to the training resources that appear on the welcome page of the LockDown Browser tool. Here you’ll find demo movies, Quick Start Guides, and more. The LockDown Browser section of our website also contains these resources.

5) Following the pilot, what changes need to be made to the software if we proceed with a license?
None. The pilot license works identically to the full license. It’s not necessary to modify either the client install of LockDown Browser or the integration component installed to the server (Blackboard Building Block, Moodle Block, etc.). We simply make a change on our end so the integration component on your server continues to run properly.

To learn more about LockDown Browser, including how to start a 2-month pilot, contact your Respondus Account Manager.