Implementing a Successful Pilot of LockDown Browser

A free, 2-month pilot license is the best way to kick the tires of LockDown Browser. Not only does it give system administrators a way to try out the technology, it’s also a way for instructors to use it with students in real-world situations.

Here are five steps for a successful pilot with LockDown Browser.

1) Determine whether a production server or a testing server will be used for the pilot.

2) Have the LMS administrator install the integration component for your specific LMS and select the desired settings for the institution.

3) Identify several instructors (at least 3-5) who will participate in the pilot. Good candidates include instructors who are heavy users of the LMS. You might also focus the pilot on a particular department that has shown interest in using the software (for example, medical disciplines tend to have strong interest).

4) To help get pilot participants up and running, direct them to the LockDown Browser instructor dashboard within your LMS. There they will find video tutorials, sample text for their syllabus, and QuickStart Guides specific to their LMS. (These resources are also available on the LockDown Browser Instructor Resources page.)

5) Encourage pilot participants (the instructors) to try the LockDown Browser software with students. To begin, we recommend having instructors create an ungraded practice test that contains 2-3 questions. This ensures students have installed the browser correctly and that they are ready to take a real exam using LockDown Browser.

Over 1,500 institutions license LockDown Browser to help protect the integrity of their online testing environment. Most institutions start with a free, two-month pilot period as a way to familiarize themselves with the browser before rolling it out to a larger population.Transitioning from a pilot to a full license of LockDown Browser is seamless because the integration component is already installed. Nothing needs to be updated by the LMS administrator, and instructors can continue to use it as they did during the pilot.

For more information on LockDown Browser or the free, two-month pilot, please visit