Respondus Monitor: Breaking down the cost

When we introduced Respondus Monitor a couple of years ago, we thought instructors would use it with two or three online exams per course. It turns out they use it with 6.3 exams per course, on average.

Why so many? Because we don't charge a “per exam fee,” as most proctoring A typical instructor uses Respondus Monitor with 6.3 exams per coursecompanies do. Simply put, instructors prefer to use Respondus Monitor a whole lot more when cost isn't a factor. And with Respondus Monitor, it doesn’t matter if an instructor uses it with three exams per course, or 30 - the cost is the same.

Which leads to the next question: What is the cost of Respondus Monitor?

As can be seen from our website (yes, we actually show pricing on our website), Respondus Monitor is licensed on a “per seat” basis. For the first 1,000 seats the cost is $4950, or about $4 per seat. The price for Respondus Monitor drops to $1950 for each additional 1,000 seats that are purchased, or about $2 per seat. This assumes an institution already licenses LockDown Browser.

Now comes the fun part. Average cost per exam: $.64What would Respondus Monitor cost if  you calculated it on a “per exam” basis? To come up with this approximation, simply divide the seat cost by 6.3 exams and you arrive at 64 cents per exam for the first 1,000 seats, and 32 cents per exam for each additional seat.

Do try this at home, folks. Do try this at home.