Suggest a Test Bank

If you were unable to locate the textbook you use, please check the following:

  • That you spelled the author's last name correctly if searching by author (and that you only included the last name)
  • That you reviewed all the results for the search (there may be multiple pages, and many titles with similar names)

If you've confirmed the test bank for your text is not available:

  • Make sure that the publisher of your text is a Partner in the Respondus Test Bank Network
  • If the publisher of your text is listed, contact your Publisher Representative directly and indicate that you'd like the test bank for your textbook made available in Respondus format.
  • If the publisher is not currently a partner, contact your Publisher Representative and let them know you would like their test bank content added to the Respondus Test Bank Network.

If the publisher doesn't respond to your inquiry within a week, send an email to info [at] Indicate the publisher, title and ISBN of your textbook and we will submit the suggestion on your behalf.