Respondus Support Team Hits a Winning Streak

Everyone loves a winning streak.

Joe DiMaggio hit successfully in 56 consecutive baseball games. Wayne Gretzky scored in 51 straight hockey games. Aretha Franklin won eight Grammies in a row.

The Respondus Support Team loves their streaks too:

Respondus Support Stats

Written Feedback

Not every customer provides written feedback after their ticket is closed, but when they do, they are compiled and distributed to the support team each week.

Our goal is to receive 25 positive messages for every… well, not-so-positive message. Here’s a recent streak of 25 consecutive feedback messages (edited for brevity, and to redact personal information):

“Thank you to [agent] and all at Respondus Support! You are always quick and accurate, which is rare and much appreciated!”

“Thank you for your help.”

“The information provided was comprehensive and helped our IT folks identify the issue - we always have great experiences with Respondus documentation and support, and this was no exception. Thank you!”

“[Agent] provided a quick response with exactly what I needed. Great service and much appreciated.”

“Excellent experience. [Agent] was very helpful and got me on the right path to get my problem resolved quickly. Thanks!”

“Very good!”

“The individual who supported me provided a resolution to my answer within an hour or two. Thank you!”

“[Agent] was great! He provided me with the answers I needed to correct the problem.”

“Thank you for spending the time to resolve the issue. I appreciate it!”

“I was emailed by the support team within the same day with suggestions on how to address my problem. Thank you.”

“[snip] got a call to help me resolve issue”

“[Agent] replied to the issue very quickly with a solution that worked and additional resources to troubleshoot further. Very pleased with the quality of support Respondus provides!”

“I thought the support was fantastic! I got a helpful, speedy response. Thanks much!”

“Great service A+ “

“The helpdesk technicians are always helpful and respectful in their responses. And they usually provide the correct fix without asking a bunch of preliminary questions that have already been addressed.”

“Response from support was very fast and with exactly the information I needed.”

“Top notch support from [agent] as always”

“As always, quick and accurate response! Thank you for all you do!”

“Great work! Thanks for the support”

“Customer support got back to me within the hour and was very helpful.”

“Customer service has always been wonderful!”

“Very helpful.”

“[Agent] is great and super helpful ”

“[Agent] took care of my question with professionalism and adequately answered with a process that I could easily understand. Thank you!”

“I am very glad that I contacted the Respondus help center for this issue. The problem was resolved within a minute after receiving instructions from [agent] who was the contact person. Thank you “

This last one was four responses further down the list, but it’s too good to pass up:

Thank you! Especially appreciate the quick response. Makes me think somebody's actually listening. The response was understandable (no jargon), and it enabled me to resolve the problem.” 

Perhaps Respondus Support should start a hockey team. Gretzky, beware.