Respondus 4.0 Wins Readers' Choice Award

It’s pretty fun to win a contest you didn’t know you were competing in. That’s how “readers’ choice” awards work. A publication will ask their readers to nominate and rate various technologies they use, and ta-da, the winners are announced.

And so it went with eCampus News’ 2014-2015 Readers’ Choice Awards.  Respondus 4.0 was one of the top picks for software used in schools and universities, with one reader stating:

“Respondus allows instructors to create a test from a Word or Plain Text document that will upload directly into a Blackboard class... Respondus also can extract a test from Blackboard and create a printed form of the test to use as a backup plan. It does a lot more, but those two features are the most used at our college. It’s a time saver like no other.”

Here’s the full blurb within the eCampus News article.

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