Respondus 4.0: Administrator Tips for a New Term

Before the start of a new term or academic year, perhaps the busiest people on campus are those responsible for rolling out new software or training instructors on the latest versions.

If you’re one of these people, and your responsibilities include Respondus 4.0, we recommend reviewing the following checklist before each term.

1) Distribute the Latest Version of Respondus 4.0
Make sure the latest version of Respondus 4.0 is downloaded and being distributed to instructors. At the time of this writing, the latest version number is

2) Encourage Instructors to Upgrade
Respondus 4.0 is continually updated to keep up with changes in the learning management systems it integrates with. Nearly a fourth of all technical support problems are resolved by having the user update their version of Respondus. So having instructors run a current version will save everyone’s time.

For instructors already running Respondus 4.0, upgrading to the latest patch is as easy as starting Respondus 4.0, selecting “Help” from the menu bar, and clicking “Check for update.”

3) Set up “Preconfigured Server Settings”
Respondus 4.0 administrators can create “Preconfigured Server Settings” so that instructors installing Respondus 4.0 can bypass the entry of server settings for their institution’s learning management system (they only need to enter their user name and password).

If you previously set up the Preconfigured Server Settings for your institution, make sure they are still correct. Any change to the login page for your learning management system (such as enabling SSL) or any other significant change to the server may mean that these settings need updating.

Preconfigured Server Settings are available from the administrator area of the Respondus website. They are a huge time-saver for instructors when set up properly.

4) Remind Instructors about Publisher Test Banks
The whole point of using Respondus 4.0 is to save time, right?  One of the biggest time-savings with Respondus occurs when instructors access publisher-provided test banks that are already in Respondus 4.0 format. Thousands of the official test banks are available for FREE to instructors who adopt a participating textbook.

To request a test bank, simply go to the Respondus website and select the link for the Respondus Test Bank Network. Instructors then search for the textbook being used, fill out a short request form, and use the instructions that’ll be received by email to access the test bank. There is no faster way to use publisher test banks with a learning management system.

5) Take Advantage of Training Materials
Be sure to take advantage of the Respondus 4.0 training and support materials, available from the Respondus website ( Remind instructors about the Respondus 4.0 “Quick Start Guide”, demo movies, and the Respondus News site. Training is easy if you use these resources as a starting point.