New Features for Respondus Monitor

Respondus Monitor is an add-on tool for LockDown Browser that lets students record themselves with a webcam during an online exam. It’s designed to prevent cheating in non-proctored environments, such as exams taken from home or an off-campus location.

Several new features have been added to Respondus Monitor, including “Automated Video Analysis” and “Help Center.”

Automated Video Analysis will automatically flag suspicious behavior during an exam. For example, if a student leaves the computer for a bit, or if a different person appears in the webcam recording during an exam, it will get flagged for the instructor. Once the exam session is complete, instructors can view the flagged segments, along with other data.

The new Help Center for Respondus Monitor makes it easier to troubleshoot a problem on a student’s computer. The Help Center button appears on the toolbar for LockDown Browser if Respondus Monitor is enabled for the institution. Students can use Help Center to check webcam and microphone functionality, run a series of diagnostic checks, or access a student-friendly knowledge base. If the student is still unable to solve their issue, the results of the diagnostic checks can be sent directly to the institution’s help desk (an optional setting), which greatly streamlines the troubleshooting process.

For more information on these features, or to start a free 2-month trial of LockDown Browser or Respondus Monitor, contact [email protected].