Resources for Moodle Users "manual launch"

NOTE: The resources on this page support older Moodle extension versions, which require students to manually launch LockDown Browser. Those extensions are being deprecated and will no longer work after June 30, 2021.

Please contact your Respondus license administrator or Moodle admin to have the Moodle extension updated to the current version.

The resources on this page are for the older "manual launch" version of LockDown Browser. This requires students to (1) manually launch LockDown Browser, (2) log into Moodle, and (3) navigate to the quiz that requires LockDown Browser.

Newer integrations for Moodle use an "auto launch" method that automatically launches the LockDown Browser application from a standard browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.). The launching occurs when a user starts a Moodle quiz that requires the use of LockDown Browser. After the quiz is submitted for grading, the standard browser will return.