Kick the Tires

Not that long ago instructional technologists could “kick the tires” of software applications without much effort.

Today, the piloting of software can be laden with institutional policies like “funding must be secured before piloting” or “pilots can’t end in the middle of a term.” Then comes the 100-page RFP, legal review, accessibility testing, security analysis, liability insurance -- all of which must be navigated with the software vendor.

Somewhere during this Everest-like climb you find yourself asking, “Can someone remind me what this software actually does?”

We hear you. And that’s why we get out of the way when people look at our software.  A good example of this is Respondus Monitor -- a technology that uses webcam recordings to deter cheating during online exams. Here’s how we keep things simple:

  • Respondus Monitor is built into LockDown Browser, which is already used at 900+ universities and K-12 schools. The license administrator simply enables the Respondus Monitor features with a few clicks.
  • A LockDown Browser license includes 200 free seats of Respondus Monitor each year. That’s plenty for trying it out in a couple of classes. Or, if you’d like to use it with a larger group, a free 2-month pilot is available.
  • Accessibility is in the DNA of Respondus Monitor. But don’t just take our word for it. Ask for the results of our third-party accessibility testing.
  • For the security folks, we offer a white paper that outlines the architecture of Respondus Monitor. Documentation on third-party penetration testing is available too.
  • Our license agreements are written in plain language with no-nonsense terms. Enough said.
  • Respondus is known for transparent pricing. Simply go to and select the pricing link for Respondus Monitor.
  • Your eyes don’t deceive you. A first-year, unlimited-use license for Respondus Monitor is only $4950. There’s no better way to stop the crazy talk about RFPs than pointing this out to colleagues.
  • You are never on your own when it comes to training. We’ll train your trainers, and we offer training webinars every few weeks for anyone with an interest. Plus, there are excellent videos for instructors and students. All are free – and all are packed with helpful information.
So, go ahead, kick the tires. Kick until your toes hurt.