iPad Edition of LockDown Browser

The big announcement: an update to the iPad Edition of LockDown Browser is available from iTunes.

OK, it’s not a super big announcement. In fact, we rarely use this space to announce software updates (although you can subscribe to get those). But a few items are worth mentioning with this release.

First, the iPad Edition of LockDown Browser now supports Schoology, a popular LMS in K-12. So if you’re a Schoology customer, the wait is over.

Second, the iPad Edition of LockDown Browser is taking off in K-12, something that snuck up on us over the past year or two. In fact, many K-12 districts use the iPad Edition of LockDown Browser exclusively – ignoring the Windows and Mac versions altogether.

Which leads to the third point: it doesn’t matter which version of LockDown Browser you use. In fact, we charge the same price whether an institution uses one version of LockDown Browser, or all three. Moreover, if there is more than one LMS at your university or school district, LockDown Browser can be used with each for no additional cost.

The iPad app for LockDown Browser can be downloaded for free from the App Store.  For quick steps on how to use the app with your classes, see this article from the Respondus Support Knowledge Base.