Five Little-Known Reasons to Use LockDown Browser

One of our marketing brochures for LockDown Browser is titled, “10 Reasons to Use LockDown Browser.” Of course, the problem with creating a Top 10 list is that some items don’t make the cut. These features are destined to a life of obscurity, hardly noticed by the rest of the world. Fame and fortune just out of reach.

We thought we would shine a spotlight on some of the unheralded, little-known reasons to use LockDown Browser. And to give this Top 5 list the salute it deserves, we gave it an official title: Another 5 Reasons to Use LockDown Browser.

Here they are:

1. Forced Completion of Assessments – Instructors frequently complain that students accidentally (or intentionally) close their browser during an online assessment, requiring it to be reset. If students are required to use LockDown Browser, it cannot be closed until the assessment has been submitted for grading.

2. Unlimited Installations – Each institution (and department and instructor) seems to have a different method for using LockDown Browser. Our “Campus-wide License” allows unlimited installations of LockDown Browser, including to students’ computers located off campus. No tracking, no limits, no headaches.

3. A Level Playing Field for Students – Did you know that students are some of the biggest fans of LockDown Browser? Most students don’t cheat, and it drives them crazy when their classmates do. LockDown Browser ‘levels the playing field’ during online assessments by preventing all students from Googling for answers, opening other applications, or going to other URLs during an online assessment.

4. Fewer Glitches During and After Assessments – LockDown Browser is a streamlined browser that’s free of toolbar add-ons and gadgets. This provides a more stable environment for taking online assessments. And, after a student is finished with LockDown Browser, all programs and settings are in the same state as before starting the browser.

5. Hacker Tested, Market Approved – Hundreds of universities and schools around the world use LockDown Browser. It seems that at least one person (or team) at each institution makes it a quest to “break out” or beat the system. Some of the best minds have taken our software to task over the years, and we’ve addressed each issue that’s been raised. (Yes, you have our blessing…go ahead and see if you can break it.)

There you have it – another 5 reasons to use LockDown Browser. If you’d like to give LockDown Browser a try at your institution, here are two things to know. First, Respondus LockDown Browser integrates with Blackboard Learn, Brightspace, Canvas, Moodle, Sakai, Schoology, and more. Second, institutions can obtain a free, 2-month pilot license by contacting their Respondus account representative or filling out the license agreement available on our LockDown Browser trial web page.