Creating Online Tests from Publisher Test Banks (without the hassle)

Thousands of colleges and universities license Respondus 4.0.  Yet many instructors who use the software don’t know it works seamlessly with the Respondus Test Bank Network, which can save them countless hours creating online tests.

The latest release of the Respondus Test Bank Network includes thousands of test banks from all the leading publishers in higher education. Plus, it’s free!

We’ve created two short videos that explain how it works. The first is a fun, 100-second video to whet your appetite, while the second video (4 minutes) fills in the details. For a total investment of about 5 minutes, you’ll learn how to save dozens (if not hundreds) of hours creating online tests each year.

100 Seconds

4 Minutes

Are you ready to get started with the Respondus Test Bank Network? Go to and search for the publisher test banks that accompany your textbooks.