Academic Integrity in Online Testing: How Three Institutions Define Success

At a recent education technology conference, panelists from Delgado Community College, Northern Kentucky University, and Baylor University shared their experiences on implementing online testing solutions across campus and beyond. The guiding theme was “What does success look like for online testing, academic integrity, and proctoring?” Key moments are captured below (edited for clarity and brevity).

Which departments or schools use online proctoring the most?

Amanda Rosenzweig (Delgado CC): Use differs by department and discipline. The health professional and STEM disciplines pretty much require every test to be proctored, whether they’re open notes or high stakes exams. This is also done to protect the integrity of the questions — so they don’t get into the wild as easily. Our other disciplines will often only require proctoring for the midterm and final, not every exam ...

John Lowe (Baylor U): For the longest time, Baylor only offered in-person instruction. But a lot of online programs were added the last 10 years or so. We have graduate professional education programs and fully online degree programs that use proctoring solutions, primarily Respondus Monitor. Our Online MBA program uses it very heavily, as do other departments across campus. After the pandemic, a lot of our faculty discovered that they no longer have to spend class time doing examinations. They take advantage of a tool like Respondus Monitor to save class time for instructional purposes and do the testing outside of the classroom ... Keep reading the article (PDF)