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Students were copying and pasting answers from the internet during assignments and online exams. Once I began using LockDown Browser, the cheating reduced immediately… Professors who teach online must have a way to protect the integrity of their course content.

Dr. Deborah H. Stevenson
Northeastern State University

I'd like to express my gratitude for your software. I use Respondus 4 daily and train our faculty in its use. Never before have I worked with a software product that offers faculty so many uses and features, and that is so easy to use. Please pass these compliments on to the developers. They are right on the mark.

Regina Buccafusco
Medical College of Georgia

Respondus Monitor reduces the level of cheating significantly. Simply put, students know they can’t cheat. And I get a truer picture of how each student is performing.

Dr. Pats Neelakantan
East Stroudsburg University of PA

Respondus LockDown Browser is playing an important role for Taylor University in demonstrating to accrediting agencies our efforts to ensure the security of online exams.

Gary Friesen
Taylor University

I really enjoyed using Respondus 4 in conjunction with a test bank I received from a publisher. I first generated a test using the publisher's test bank software. I then put it into Respondus and BINGO, Respondus automatically uploaded it to my course. It saved me hours of time and effort on each test...Thanks for making our teaching lives easier.

John Blackwell
Douglas College

With LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor, the grade distribution on exams for online courses is more consistent with what we obtain in face-to-face courses. This gives more credibility to our online courses, and increases faculty confidence in online testing.

Gina Robinson
St. John’s University

Respondus LockDown Browser is easy to roll out to faculty. All we need to do is show them where the setting is in Blackboard to turn it on or off. That's it.

Steve Chestnut
Drexel University

I have never had software that saves so much time!

Ghenna Chernavski
Jefferson County Public Schools

I think Respondus 4 is a wonderful product. One of the biggest complaints I hear about learning management systems from my colleagues is writing quizzes. You have solved many of these problems.

Bruce Mason
University of Oklahoma

LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor have been overwhelmingly accepted by students. Prior to this, students were driving great distances or incurring costs at proctoring locations … Other options were cost-prohibitive when looked at from a mass deployment standpoint. Features, cost, and the comfort level of students all played a part in our decision-making process.

Jeremy Bond
Central Michigan University

StudyMate is one of our best teaching practices. It has proved to be very effective since students can take their learning anywhere ... such a great product!

Deborah Dalmeida
Manipal Education Americas

My staff and I are very grateful that Respondus came along. You have saved our sanity and empowered our faculty. Keep up the good work.

Stephen Rehberg
Georgia State University

I wanted you to know that your product has made life much easier for me! We have a campus-wide license and our instructors are really loving it!

Susan McKinnon
Georgia Perimeter College

I want to thank you for the perfectly wonderful program—Respondus. I have been using it both at home and in my school office for a year now. It has accomplished just what I have needed, and the user friendly interface makes it that much more enjoyable to use.

Richard Williams
Nashville State Tech

I am a member of the technical support staff at Washburn University. We have been making use of Respondus and find it an excellent tool... Thank you for developing such an excellent product.

Uriah J. Mach
Washburn University

The decision to get a site license for Respondus was one of the most popular moves we made last year... Respondus meets the diverse and changing needs of faculty, yet is easy for new users to learn.

Lynne Groves
South Central College

I love your Respondus 4 software. I talk it up a lot. Just the ease of creating tests offline and uploading them is great!

Dr. Gwen Terwilliger
University of Toledo

I can't tell you how many hours of work Respondus 4 has saved me, but it is certainly in the hundreds. Thank you!

Jon Lenrow
Peirce College

Wow!! The latest version of Respondus is great! As far as I am concerned, Respondus is a perfect instrument. I can think of no way to improve upon it. I thank you profusely for these improvements and for your prompt support.

Michael Scott McClendon
University of Central Oklahoma

I just tried the latest version of Respondus. It's fantastic!! I've been so happy with Respondus...now I'm in love!

Sharon E. Roushdy
University of Maryland-College Park

Love your product! I could rave about it for hours... I've been using Respondus since January, and let me tell you what a lifesaver it has been. We have surveys in each of our online courses. At the end of the semester, we have to download that data for the different deans. What had taken at least a month was done in one day with Respondus. This is the best tool in which an online university can invest.

Kevin Wohler
Washburn University

I want to let you know that Respondus has been well received by our teachers. A few pioneers at first, now most everyone who is doing anything online with our learning management system has heard about Respondus. In fact, I would say that Respondus has been a major reason that teachers are using online testing!

Herb Dwyer
Tempe Union High School District

I downloaded Respondus 4 and used it to complete both a Self Test and a Quiz. This software is great! I love the graphic feature that resizes images to the proper size. Respondus has made my life much easier. Thanks for developing this great software!

Katie Hirschboeck
University of Arizona

If we didn't have Respondus LockDown Browser, we wouldn't have online testing in the School of Nursing. It's as simple as that.

Anita Kinser Maradiaga
Riverside City College

The cost savings of LockDown Browser was entirely unexpected.

Linda Young 
Fanshawe College

I'm very impressed with the ease of building activities with StudyMate. My existing Respondus skills were easily transferred to this product, minimizing my start-up time and allowing quick and easy results.

Steve Omant
Institute of TAFE Tasmania, Australia

I've been meaning to thank you for the Respondus software. It's saved me a lot of work and aggravation with file conversion and verification of correct answers.

Ann Brushwein
University of Southern Illinois

StudyMate is easy to use and I really like how multiple Flash activities (quiz, flash cards, etc.) can be generated from one template entry. It allows the student to choose the format that works best.

Bruce A. Chase
Longview, TX

It was great to see how excited one of our faculty became after using StudyMate for the first time. She selected every game and activity available in StudyMate and had me check out her course after she uploaded them.

Tom Goulet
Ohio Dominican University