A Network of 7,000 Publisher Test Banks

The name we gave to the “Respondus Test Bank Network” is, admittedly, a bit staid. Our marketing team has wanted to rebrand it for years – something more clever and modern.

But the basic definition of a “network” – a system of interconnected things that leverages its resources – is precisely what the Respondus Test Bank Network represents. It brings together 30 educational publishers, 7,000 test banks, 7 Learning Management Systems, and faculty from over 1,500 universities. And in doing so, it allows instructors to easily create online exams for their students. If you add up all the time saved by instructors who use the Respondus Test Bank Network... well, it would be a whole lot. No overstatement there.

Publishers continue to join the Respondus Test Bank Network, including recent entries by Holcomb Hathaway Publishers, Vista Higher Learning, AHIMA Press, and Juta & Company. This supplements the likes of Pearson, McGraw-Hill, Elsevier, Cengage Learning, Jones & Bartlett, and dozens of other publishers who offer their test banks through the Respondus Test Bank Network.

If you’re not familiar with the Respondus Test Bank Network, learn more here.  If you already know how it works, simply search for your textbook at the Respondus website and complete the request form.